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About Us

College Confidential is your gateway to real, unfiltered guidance to higher education, through the power of community.

College is a big deal, and if there is ever a time in the lives of young people and their families when knowledge can make or break, it’s around decisions in higher education. But when that information is needed most, it often seems available the least. Families of the college-bound may feel like they’re on their own. And alone, we can only know so much. But what if it could be different? Imagine knowing what others know.

Knowledge opens doors. Creates clarity. It empowers us. Dispels doubt. It lets us think differently and discover unexpected paths to success. Think of all you could do with the shared knowledge of all those who have already taken the path you’re starting.

That’s where we come in. At CC, we leverage the supportive power of community. With the largest college forums in the world, access to thousands of schools, including virtual campus tours, and the collaborative strength of students, families and experts, we uniquely bring people and college knowledge purposefully together.

Share. Know. Decide.

That’s what students, families and schools do with CC. We’re real. We’re direct. We tell it like it is. And we bravely champion students and those who support them with authentic guidance they can trust when and where they need it most.